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An Irish spirit in a Kentucky town.


When our pub’s founder, Jimmie O’Murray has moved from his home city of Belfast to the Western Kentucky, US he had just one dream: to continue his father’s brewing business in the US.


He eventually succeeded in that, founding a brewery and a craft beer pub in a small town of Stanford.


The main idea that he laid down and which he tries to follow himself is to make as many craft beers/styles as possible, with as many different flavors of them as possible.

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For our team, many of whom are from Belfast, Ireland, the best that can be said about the beer is this old Irish proverb:

A man takes a drink, the drink takes a drink, the drink takes the man.

Meet our team


Probably, we’ve got the biggest range of craft beers in the state, with more than 500 craft beers available, almost a third of which are the ones produced at our own brewery. We take pride in how vast our assortment is and we never compromise on the quality of the beer that we sell.


While the Irish pubs are definitely famous for their festive and fun spirited mood and atmosphere, our pub is known among all other Irish pubs! Located in the upbeat state of Kentucky, the vibe at our pub is as vibrant and intense as at the Kentucky Derby horse races this state is famous for!


We’ve never tried to hack you for more money and we never will. That’s not what the independent craft beer industry or an Irish spirit are all about…  We’re focused on cherry-picking the best craft beer brands for you, keeping the quality of the drink high and the price tags low… This is one of the main reasons the citizens of Kentucky love our pub so much!


Our team consists of many people, all of whom do their part in contributing to our pub success! So whether those are the guys at our brewery making the craft beer or the Chef, cooking all the snacks back in the kitchen, the team is all about making each single feature of our pub stand out!

Jimmie O'Murray


Pub's Owner


Jimmie is a Belfast native, who had to move to the US due to his wife’s father illness… As in Ireland he’s been working at a local brewery and then at his father’s pub, he had a passion for the craft beers in him all along… That came as no surprise when he decided that his business in America will be all about the craft beers.

Albert Collins


Snacks Chef


Albert is all about the food… He’s been raised in a family of a Chef mother and a Sous Chef dad, and his career path has been all clear from the very start… While he did not become a Chef immediately, his 15 years long experience in the miscellaneous restaurants has definitely contributed to his skills and mastery.

Craig Ferguson


Chef's assistant


Craig has both the Irish and the Scottish blood, which makes him especially fit for a beer-centered pub environment… Previously he’s been working at a multitude of different pubs and beer restaurants, where he tapped his overall skill set at. So, after such a long previous experience, he was a perfect candidate for our team!